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    FullMoon from João Sousa on Vimeo.

    Full Moon
    Caldas, Portugal
    June 23rd

    sounds from the tripoli antinato soundsystem featuring Great Dub in the Sky and Time from Dubside of the Moon, EasystarAllStars tribute to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

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    360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras - spherical panorama timelapse from j0n4s on Vimeo.

    First attempt to create a 360° spherical panorama video using 6 GoPro Cameras in 3D printed mount. And it works! :)

    More Information here:

    The Custodian of Records

    Copyright: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States:

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    Sacral Contemplation | Ian Davis | Socks Studio

    New-York based artist Ian Davis paints scenes where human beings are reduced to minimal multiplied figures gathering around a monumental presence. The main focus of a sacral contemplation by the anonymous crowd is sometimes a technological artifact, sometimes an infrastructure or a building . It’s the dramatic depiction of a world where man-made artifacts overcome the society of people who produced them, painted in an ironic, almost cartoon-like style.

    SoP | Scale of Representation

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    Destino from Green Villain on Vimeo.

    A DVD rip of Desitno, Walt Disney’s and Salvador Dali’s short animation made in 1946.
    this IS NOT MY VIDEO. used for preservation purposes ONLY.

    come say hello over @

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